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Past Programs 


12.23   AUTHORS: Jazz by Toni Morrison

12.17   NOTISMeet the Translator: Becky Crook

12.16   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

12.14   LITERATURE: Shared Inquiry for Book Discussion Groups

12.10   NOTISMeet the Translator: Jenni Salmi

12.07   LITERATURE: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

12.04   POETRY: Motherhood Poetry Reading 

12.03   AUTHORS: Reganland with Nick Perlstein 

12.02   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

12.01   LITERATURE: Citizen by Claudia Rankine

11.28   WRITING: NanoWrimo Write-ins at Folio

11.25   AUTHORS: Beloved by Toni Morrison

11.21   WRITING: NanoWrimo Write-ins at Folio
11.18   ELECTIONS 2020: Conclusion

11.18   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

11.17   LITERATURE: Theorm Book Launch

11.14   WRITING: NanoWrimo Write-ins at Folio

11.11   LITERATURE: Antigone by Sophocles

11.07   WRITING: NanoWrimo Write-ins at Folio

11.04   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

10.28   AUTHORSTar Baby by Toni Morrison

10.26   ELECTIONS 2020: Who's Going To Win?

10.21   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

10.19   MINDFULNESS: Learning To Live With Clarity and Ease

10.15   NOTISMeet the Translator: Allison DeFreese

10.14   LITERATURE:  A Lesson Before Dying by Earnest Gaines

10.13   LITERATURE:  My Unforgotten Seattle by Ron Chew

10.07   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

10.06   LITERATURE: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

10.01   AUTHORSThe Writer's Library: An Interview With Nancy Pearl

09.29   MUSIC:   Literary Inspiration in Opera: Verdi & Wagner

09.23   AUTHORSSong of Solomon by Toni Morrison

09.21   AUTHORSThe Apocalypse Factory by Steve Olson

09.21   ELECTIONS 2020: The Economy As An Election Issue

09.21   Shared Inquiry for Book Discussion Groups

09.17   NOTISMeet the Translator: Lola Rogers

09.16   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

09.14   LITERATURE: Reading Walden In The Time of Covid with Barry Andrews

08.20   NOTISMeet the Translator Shelly Fairweather-Vega

08.26   AUTHORSSula by Toni Morrison

08.13   ELECTIONS 2020: Race, Protests and Politics

08.04   LITERATUREIncidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs

07.29   AUTHORSThe Mirror & The Light by Hilary Mantel

07.22   AUTHORSThe Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

07.20   AUTHORS: Quitter - A Memoir of Drinking, Relapse and Recovery with Erica Barnett

07.15   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

07.06   ELECTIONS 2020: Foreign Policy

06.25   ELECTIONS 2020: Donald Trump

06.17   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

06.10   LITERATURE: Elektra - Euripides Oxford World Classic

06.01   LITERATURE: Un-book Discussion Group

05.26   ELECTIONS 2020: Overview with David Domke

05.11   LITERATURE: Shared Inquiry for Book Discussion Groups

05.01   LITERATURE: Shared Inquiry for Book Discussion Groups

04.08   LITERATURE: House Made of Dawn by Scott Momaday

04.08   LITERATURE: Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson

02.21   PANEL: Seattle Area Archivists: Leveraging Business Archives

02.20   NOTIS: The Untranslatable: A Talk with Allison deFreese

02.11   WRITING: The Romance of Travel Writing

02.04   MUSIC: Fulton St. Chamber Players

01.24   MUSIC: Seattle Modern Orchestra: Inside Out

01.23   AUTHORS: Knute Berger and Mary Ann Gwinn: "Seattle, Past to Present"

01.16   NOTIS: Literary Translation Feedback Forum

01.15   LITERATURE: The Art of Translation



12.20    AUTHORS: Dead Feminists: Alive and Well

12.13    DANCE: SeattleDances' Dance CHAT

12.09    FORUM: We Told You So: Comics as Art

12.08    NOTIS: Literary Translator Meetup

11.17    FORUM: Egypt's First Capital at Hierakonpolis with Dr. Renée Friedman

11.15    FORUM: Coping with Trump: Civic Therapy Session

11.09    FORUM: Cleopatra's Pearls: Trade and Adornment in Roman Egypt

11.05    LECTURE: Reclaiming Conversation with Author Sherry Turkle

10.27    FORUM: Lit Crawl Seattle

10.25    FORUM: Kondracke and Merry: Shaking the Political Foundations

10.18    MUSIC: Fulton Street Chamber Players: Haydn and Beethoven

10.17    The Northwest Sublime: A Literary/Musical Salute to Moss, a New NW Journal

10.12    FORUM: Solving King Tut's Death

10.05    MUSIC: A Piano-Warming Concert with Judith Cohen

09.28    FORUM: Shaking Up Seattle Media

09.27    MUSIC: Diane Thome, Pioneer Composer

09.21    AUTHORS: Novelist, Amor Towles

09.14    LECTURE: Contesting Egypt's Antiquities

09.13    FORUM: Colombia's New Path

08.25    FORUM: Cyberwarfare, Russia, and the CIA

08.03    AUTHORS: Who Was Chief Seattle?

07.14    FORUM: Brexit, Trump, and Populism

07.07    MUSIC: Musical Preview of Seattle Chamber Music Festival

06.29    FORUM: Citizen Activism in the Age of Bernie

06.23    AUTHORS: The World of the Makahs

06.22    MUSIC: Beethoven & Dvorak with the Fulton Street Chamber Players

06.16    Transforming Oregon's Politics

06.14    AUTHORS: How Government Shapes Prosperity

05.24    AUTHORS: Gender Equity in the Workplace

05.12    AUTHORS: The American Style of Assassination

05.05    FORUM: Getting a Good Job after College

04.29    POETRY: Poets Three

04.20    AUTHORS: The Comma Queen

04.14    AUTHORS: Secular Faith and American Politics

04.13    AUTHORS: Memoir of a Sherpa

03.30    AUTHORS: FDR’s Conservation Legacy

03.15    MUSIC: Fulton Street Chamber Players: All Mozart

03.14    AUTHORS: Opus Next: Douglas Smith on his new biography of Rasputin

03.10    FORUM: Sizing up Scalia

02.18    AUTHORS: The Saga of Lewis G. Clarke, Born a ‘White’ Slave

01.30    MUSIC: Beethoven in China


12.16    AUTHORS: Opus Next: Claire Dederer on her forthcoming memoir

11.18    AUTHORS: Knute Berger

10.28    AUTHORS: Lynda Mapes

10.27    AUTHORS: Book Launch Party: Christopher T. Bayley

10.22    FORUM: Lit Crawl Seattle

08.26    AUTHORS: Morton Kondrake

07.22    AUTHORS: Robert W. Merry


12.19    NOTIS: Poetry Translation Workshop

11.22    AUTHORS: Elaine Sciolino THE SEINE: The River That Made Paris

11.21    NOTIS: True Crime - A True Translation Story

11.20    WRITING: Nonfiction Panel Discussion

11.19    MUSIC: Fulton Street Chamber Players

11.18    WRITING: Your Literary Archive: For Writers

11.14    AUTHORS: Roland De Wolk: American Disruptor. The Scandalous Life of Leland Stanford.

11.13    ART: 1845: Memento Mori - Paula Stokes

11.12    FORUM: Democracy in Danger. The United States

10.22    AUTHORS: Brian Eyler: Last Days of the Mighty Mekong

10.21    FORUM: Democracy in Danger. The Middle East.

10.17    NOTIS: Literary Translation Feedback Forum

10.17    LECTURE: Christine Hemp: From Homer to #hashtags: Our Changing Language

10.10    LECTURE: Mayumi Tsutakawa: Washington’s Undiscovered Feminists

10.03    LECTURE: Feliks Banel: Storm Warning 

09.27    Sweet Taste of Liberty: A True Story of Slavery and Restitution in America

09.26    NOTIS: Mercedes Guhl

06.27    Chronicles of the Pike Place Market and Prohibition-era Seattle

06.20    NOTIS: Editing Literary Translations

06.18    FOLIO FORUM: Democracy in Danger. Europe and Russia

06.15    LITERATURE: Bloomsday at Folio: Joyce Rocks

06.12    AUTHORS: Tara Conklin - The Last Romantics. In conversation with Laurie Frankel

06.11    MUSIC: Fulton St. Chamber Players: Brahms and Schubert

05.21    AUTHORS: Thomas Bird, MD- Can You Help Me?: Inside the Turbulent World of Huntington Disease

05.14    FORUM: Democracy in Danger. The China Challenge

05.07    MUSIC: Schubert's "Die Winterreise"

04.30    MUSIC: Paul Taub: Landscape with Birds

04.25    FORUM: Democracy in Danger. How the International Order is Veering to Authoritarianism

04.18    NOTIS: Lyn Coffin Lecture

04.10    MUSIC: Fulton St. Chamber Players: Schubert and Beethoven

04.03    Tough Cases: When Judges Are On the Hot Seat

04.02    Kevin Ticen: The Forgotten Story of America's First Stanley Cup Champions

03.28    Fulbright Talks: Stories by Fulbrighters

03.26    Jean Godden: A Rich Seattle Life

03.25    Beyond the Borders: How Foreign Correspondents Navigate an Increasingly Hostile World

03.22    Working Without a Net - The Art of Improvisation. Alexander Weimann, Harpsichord

03.21    NOTIS: Spring Translation Slam

03.13    The International Women of Courage Awardee: Moumina Houssein Darar

02.27    AUTHORS: Karen Treiger - My Soul is Filled with Joy

02.21    NOTIS: Literary Translation Feedback Forum

01.30    AUTHORS: Murray Morgan, Master Storyteller of the Pacific Northwest

01.18    MUSIC: Seattle Modern Orchestra Songs of Echoes

01.17    NOTIS: Translation and its Publics

01.11    MUSIC: Musical Dialogues: Stories Without Words



12.20    NOTIS: Translating Comics and Graphic Novels

11.15    NOTIS: Literary Translation Feedback Forum

11.14    FOLIO VOICES: Barry M. Andrews on Thoreau Lives!

11.07    FOLIO VOICES: Paul Dorpat and Jean Sherrard on Now and Then

10.29    AUTHORS: James Mustich in conversation with Mary Ann Gwinn

10.25    FOLIO VOICES: Lisa Herbold and Matthew Richter on Saving Cultural Spaces

10.23    FORUM: Allied Arts Beer and Culture: Lessons From the Showbox

10.22    MUSIC: Fulton Street Chamber Players

10.18    NOTIS: Conference Prep for Literary Translations

10.16    FOLIO VOICES: Bob Peterson and Tony Angell on Unforgettable Images

10.03    FOLIO VOICES: Bruce Chapman and Mort Kondracke on "Politicians"

10.02    FOLIO VOICES: Bruce Ramsey and David Brewster on "The Panic of 1893"

09.25    FORUM: The Perilous Quest for a new Relationship with Russia

09.18    AUTHORS: New Light on The Great Gatsby with Kendall Taylor

05.08    LECTURE: Protest on Trial: Kit Bakke

04.23    MUSIC: Fulton Street Chamber Players

04.19    NOTIS: Self Publishing

04.04    AUTHORS: Seattle on the Eve of the White Arrival

03.27    FORUM: How the Senate (Once) Worked for the Public Good

03.20    AUTHORS: Built to Last: How Companies Endure

03.15    NOTIS: Literary Translation Feedback Forum

03.13    LECTURE: Shakespeare's Shylock

02.28    FORUM: How to Handle Russia: Keep Calm and Carry On

02.21    Fulbright Talks: Stories by Fulbrighters

02.20    LECTURE: A Tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin

02.15    NOTIS: Translation for the Opera

02.15    FORUM: The Impossible Presidency and Foreign Policy: From Washington to Trump

02.01    AUTHORS: The Limits of Presidential Power

01.30    MUSIC: Fulton Street Chamber Players: Mozart and Ravel

01.26    AUTHORS: The Climate Case for Nuclear Power

01.18    NOTIS: Literary Translation Tools and Tech



12.21    NOTIS: Literary Translation Feedback Forum

11.30    AUTHORS: Words of Wisdom and Warning from the Founders

11.16    AUTHORS: Tom Cronin on American's Leading Political Novelists

11.15    AUTHORS: Robert W. Merry: Why U.S. Presidents Succeed or Fail

11.14    LECTURE: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Impacts in Seattle: Think Globally, Act Locally

11.08    NOTIS: Roundtable on Education for Literary Translation

10.26    AUTHORS: Jim Compton: Broadcast Sagas and Modoc Wars

10.11    AUTHORS: Blaine Harden: Korea and the King of American Spies

10.02    MUSIC: Fulton St. Chamber Players: Sibelius and Haydn

10.01    WRITING: Iowa's International Writing Program on Tour

09.28    FORUM: The Seattle Budget: A Looming Crisis

09.27    LECTURE: Revelations from a Downtown Seattle Walk

09.21    NOTIS: Happy Hour and Reading Night

09.14    LECTURE: Steven Clifford on Outrageous Salaries for CEOs

09.13    AUTHORS: Revival of Seattle's Left: Rosenblum and Sawant

09.12    AUTHORS: Hubert Locke on the Detroit Riots

07.20    FORUM: Former Seattle Mayors Play Pundit

06.16    LITERATURE: Bloomsday Reading of James Joyce's Ulysses

06.15    NOTIS: Poetry, Translation, & Grants

06.15    FORUM: Folio & Co: Brady Walkinshaw and Bill Ruckelshaus: The Trump Challenge to Environmentalism

06.07    AUTHORS: A Japanese-American Artist Documents His Life in U.S. Detention Camps

06.01    LECTURE: Seattle Politics: The Tim Burgess Years

05.30    AUTHORS: Watergate: Vu and Deja Vu

05.25    AUTHORS: Folio & Co: Designing a Better Seattle

05.18    NOTIS: Literary Translation Publisher's Panel

05.08    AUTHORS: The Worldwide Costs of Childhood Hunger: Roger Thurow on "The First 1,000 Days"

04.26    FORUM: When Britannia Ruled the Northwest

04.25    FORUM: KNKX Community Meeting in Seattle

04.20    NOTIS: Spring Translation Slam

04.18    MUSIC: Fulton Street Chamber Players: Haydn and Dvorak

04.01    ART: Introduction to Bookbinding Workshop

03.31    FILM: 'A Fanatic Heart' Film Screening

03.30    LECTURE: Folio & Co. Making History: A Tale of Two Seattle Websites

03.29    FORUM: The State of Arts Criticism in Seattle

03.24    AUTHORS: Northwest Novelist Chevy Stevens on "Never Let You Go"

03.22    AUTHORS: Science Writer Steve Olson: The Risky Northwest

03.21    AUTHORS: Howard French on "How the Past Helps Shape China’s Push for Global Power"

03.09    AUTHORS: Geoffrey Cowan on Presidential Primaries

03.08    AUTHORS: Historian Coll Thrush: The Transformative Native Presence in Seattle and London

03.02    AUTHORS: John B. Judis on Populism

03.01    LECTURE: Folio & Co. with Seattle Rep

03.01    FORUM: World Affairs Council: Fulbright Talks

02.21    AUTHORS: Simon McCartney: The Bond

02.16    NOTIS: Literary Translation: Pitch Perfect

02.15    UW Stroum Center's 2017 Jewish Studies Community Learning Fellowship

01.26    FORUM: Our Waters, Our Home

01.19    AUTHORS: Bob Roseth: The Laugh's on U

01.19    NOTIS: Feedback Forum for Literary Translators

01.17    MUSIC: Fulton Street Chamber Players Serve Up a Trout

01.12    AUTHORS: Charles Johnson on the Art of Storytelling

01.11    FORUM: Irish Network Seattle: Discussion with Dara Murphy, T.D.

01.10    MUSIC: The Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen

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