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Shama Shams

Board Trustee

Shama Shams boasts an impressive two-decade-long journey in the nonprofit sector, making her a seasoned professional. With over a decade of hands-on experience as a Development Director, she has honed her expertise in many essential areas.

Shama is well-versed in strategic planning, deftly navigating the intricacies of budget management, and ensuring effective board governance. Her proficiency extends to grant management, where she has secured vital funding for various causes.

Shama excels in donor engagement, nurturing relationships that drive philanthropic support, and has a keen eye for brand awareness strategies. Additionally, she has spearheaded impactful capital campaigns that have transformed organizations.

Holding a Master of Arts degree from Florida State University, Shama's dedication to the nonprofit sector goes beyond her professional roles; she served on multiple nonprofit boards. She brings her wealth of knowledge and passion to her role as the Chief Impact Officer at Uplift Northwest, where her leadership continues to make a significant difference in the community.

Shama Shams
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