April 22, 2021

Michael Biggins presents Newcomers by Lojze Kovačič

Narrated by the boy with uncanny naiveté, the novel follows his family’s journey in a fragmented mosaic of memories. Some are innocent and tender, while others are miserable and ruthless, resulting in a profound and heart-wrenching description of a period torn apart by conflict, reflected in the author’s powerful and innovative command of language.

January 21, 2021

Sasha Senderovich Presents Judgment by David Bergelson

Never before available in English, Judgment is a work of startling power by David Bergelson (1884-1952), the most celebrated Yiddish prose writer of his era and a literary modernist. Set in 1920 during the Russian Civil War, Judgment (titled Mides-hadin in Yiddish) traces the death of the shtetl and the birth of the “new, harsher world” created by the 1917 Russian Revolution. 

December 22, 2020

Becky Crook Presents Seven Days In August


Brit Bildøen made her literary debut in 1991 with a collection of poetry Bilde av menn (Images of men). In 1998 she had her literary breakthrough with the novel Tvillingfeber (Twin fever). For this she was nominated to the Brage Award for best novel and awarded the Oslo prize and Nynorsk literary Award. Her novel, Seven Days in August was longlisted for Dublin International Lit. Awards, and won the prestigious P2-lytternes Novel Prize 2014. In August 2020 she was awarded the Amalie Skram Prize. Bildøen has translated several novels and children’s books, and is also a children’s books author herself.

November 19, 2020

Jenni Salmi Presents The Black Tongue

The Black Tongue is Finnish horror and suspense author Marko Hautala’s first novel in the English language market. It combines cultural anthropology and sociology together with Lovecraftian unknowable horrors to create an unsettling atmosphere that makes you want to look twice when you spot an odd-shaped burl on a tree or hear an urban legend that you’ve previously dismissed as a silly story. It asks the question: what if urban legends are the true cautionary tales of our modern era, even when they involve a murderous granny who keeps a small community in check with her hatchet? 

September 17, 2020

Lola Rogers Presents The Colonel's Wife

An old woman living in a remote part of Lapland tells the unvarnished story of her life as a nature writer, free spirit, and fervent fascist. Raised by far-right partisans of the bloody Finnish Civil War and married at a young age to her beloved Colonel, she experiences the violent consequences first hand as her country's alliance with Nazi Germany, and her own marriage, turn brutally cruel.

July 15, 2020

Shelley Fairweather-Vega Presents Of Strangers and Bees

Following the award-winning The Devils' Dance, Hamid Ismailov has crafted another masterpiece, combining traditional oral storytelling with contemporary global fiction to create a modern Sufi parable about the search for truth and wisdom.