The State of Democracy

Timely coverage of the elections and conversations on the future of American democracy

National political commentator Mort Kondracke leads a series of panel discussions to examine forces that are challenging democracy and the rule of law worldwide, from the 2020 election and midterms all the way to Russia, China, the Middle East.

Special thanks to the distinguished local experts who provided rich learning opportunities and deep insights into democracy in the world today: Elizabeth “Betsy” Andersen, David Bachman, Daniel Chirot, Robert Crawford, Slade Gorton, Robert Kapp, Resat Kasaba, Heng-Pin (Ping) Kiang, Gary Locke, Marwa Maziad, Barry McCaffrey, Robert Merry, Brad Murg, Margaret O’Mara, Noam Pianko, Scott Radnitz, Nova Robinson, Ted Van Dyk, Alissa Walter and Carol J. Williams.

Truth, Media & Conspiracy Theories

2020 Election Series