Fiction Discussions & Readings

Monthly classic fiction discussions and In-depth readings curated and led by Folio Librarian Lillian Dabney.

Folio offers members monthly discussions around provocative classic and modern literature, curated and guided by knowledgeable facilitators. Our fiction discussion group meets every third Wednesday on Zoom and is limited to Folio members only.

In addition to monthly book discussion, Folio offers in-depth studies of prolific authors and great works of literature, over the course of weeks or months. Since 2020, Folio audiences enjoyed a deep dive into the extraordinary works of Toni Morrison, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Herman Melville.

For our 2022 in-depth reading Folio is pleased to present Les Misérables. Why do we think you should read Les Misérables? Two words - Victor Hugo. And of course there’s plenty more. Les Misérablesis a timeless story filled with philosophical ideas and themes. With challenging history lessons throughout, the novel remains relevant to our hyper partisan political climate today.

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