Fiction Discussion Group

Folio's fiction book discussion group meets Monthly on the second Wednesdays, led by Folio Librarian Lillian Dabney.

Wed, Dec 09
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The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
The underground masterpiece of twentieth-century Russian fiction, this classic novel was written during Stalin’s regime and could not be published until many years after its author’s death.
Wed, Jan 13
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The Optimist's Daughter by Eudora Welty
Eudora Alice Welty was an American short story writer, novelist and photographer, who wrote about the American South. Her novel The Optimist's Daughter won the Pulitzer Prize in 1973.
Wed, Feb 10
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Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden
Set in Canada and the battlefields of France and Belgium, Three-Day Road is a mesmerizing novel told through the eyes of Niska—a Canadian Oji-Cree woman living off the land who is the last of a line of healers and diviners—and her nephew Xavier.
Wed, Mar 10
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The Piano Lesson by August Wilson
August Wilson has already given the American theater such spell-binding plays about the black experience in 20th-century America. In his second Pulitzer Prize-winner, "The Piano Lesson, " Wilson has fashioned his most haunting and dramatic work yet.
Wed, Apr 14
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They Came Like The Shadows by William Maxwell
First published in 1937, They Came Like Swallows was William Maxwell's second novel.

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