As the November presidential elections draw closer, Folio initiates a series of six critical discussions on the potential outcomes of the election at the national and state level; moderated by noted national commentator and Folio Board Secretary Mort Kondracke.

Wed, Oct 28
Online Event Via Zoom
Election 2020: Who's Going To Win?
With just one months until the November presidential elections, Folio continues its series of critical discussions on the potential outcomes of the election at the national and state level.


Catch up on past programs in this series, watch on Vimeo >>


May 26 - Election 2020 Overview >>

David Domke, Director of Fieldwork & Learning at Common Purpose kicked off the series with a discussion about the effects of the pandemic on voter registration and turnout, the importance of making it easier for every voter to participate and the 2020 presidential candidates.


June 25 - Donald Trump’s Place in Presidential History >>

Bob Merry, author of Where They Stand: American Presidents in the Eyes of Voters and Historians, discussed how Donald Trump is likely to go down in history - and why?

July 6 - Foreign Policy Issues in the 2020 Elections—and After >>

Dan Chirot of the Jackson School of International  Studies will be joined by Gary Locke and Barry McCaffrey and former AP and Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent Carol J. Williams. The panel examined foreign policy as a campaign issue and the main challenges the next president will face.

August 13 - Race, Protests and Politics >>

Marilyn Strickland, former Mayor of Tacoma, Ron Sims, former King County executive, Charles Douglas III of the political activist group Common Power and political consultant Sandeep Kaushik explored the political fallout of the protests and the renewed focus on racial inequality across the board.

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