On Trails: An Exploration

December 17, 2017



While hiking the Appalachian Trail, Robert Moor began to wonder how trails are created.  How do humans forge trails, and why? Why and how do animals make their own trails? And why do some persist, while others fade?

In those mental and physical meanderings, this fascinating work of nonfiction, Moor’s debut, was born. An award-winning magazine writer, Moor “travels from Newfoundland to Morocco, to Botswana and Tanzania, into the forest near his British Columbia home, to distant Borneo and Iceland and beyond searching for ‘the wisdom of trails,’” wrote Seattle Times reviewer Irene Wanner. “Sometimes he walks alone; other times, with companions. Sometimes he leads but other times, he follows, learning that ‘from microscopic cells to herds of elephants, creatures can be found relying on trails to reduce an overwhelming array of options to a single expeditious route. Without trails, we would be lost.’ ” From snails to ants to humans, Moor increases our understanding of how this ancient, mysterious process works.


On Trails: An Exploration
By Robert Moor
(Simon and Schuster, 2016)

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