Folio is always looking for interesting collections of quality books in good condition. We accept curated collections in specific fields, as well as small donations of individual titles. 

We're currently accepting modern, recent novels. Not necessarily bestsellers, but quality literature from around the world.

Current events. Books that have been published recently and are interesting commentaries on the world around us.
Biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs are popular with members.
Pacific Northwest related books.
Books about the craft of writing.
Books about Books

We accept very few mass market paperbacks. Hardcover or trade paperbacks, please. 

If you are interested in donating books please contact with the following information:

What are the strong areas of the collection? 

Did the person building this library have expertise?

What is the ratio of hardcover to paperback books?

What is the ratio of contemporary to older titles?

What percentage is translated literature?

It is helpful to provide three or four photos of book spines on your shelves. If the collection is a good fit, we'll make arrangements to visit your library and talk about further arrangements.


All donors will be asked to sign a donor agreement form and will be offered an in-kind receipt for tax purposes.

Folio is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your donation may be deductible from federal income taxes to the extent permitted by law. Pick up an in-kind receipt when you donate books. Please note that by law Folio is not allowed to provide appraisals.

We DO NOT accept


Books that are dated, such as guidebooks

Bound Copies of Magazines

Case Law and Procedural Law books

Children’s Books, except literary or notably illustrated

Comic Books


Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias or World Books

Genre Fiction (young adult, horror, romance)

Readers Digests, Almanacs, Who's Who, or National Geographic

Text Books and Academic journals

Please DO NOT donate books in poor condition

Books in disrepair

Dirty, moldy or water damaged books

Books with excessive writing, highlighting or markings

Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t buy it or give it to a friend, think twice about donating it. Condition matters.


                           Thank you!

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